Robot Greeting Hosts for Hire at Weddings & Corporate Events

Kids Entertainment

The Startroopers may be strong advocates of the Dark Side and affiliated with some shady characters such as Darth Vader but they are also great with kids and available for hire as kids entertainers. They are desperate for work and are willing to go to extreme lengths to make money so distressed parents and corporate event organisers listen up!


The troopers are available as entertainers for both private and corporate functions, toy store openings and sales, kids exhibitions, birthday parties, etc.


All children know and love Star Wars and will only be delighted to have the Startroopers pay them a visit. The kids will be able to:

–       Have the troopers make an appearence at their party

–       Meet and play with the Startroopers

–       Get their picture taken with troopers

–       And have the troopers sing them Happy Birthday