Greeting Hosts for Corporate Events and Funny Unique Entertainers

About Us

In 1976, Andrew Ainsworth and Shepperton Design Studios created the original helmets and armor for the greatest sci-fi fantasy film of all time, Star Wars. Now, almost 30 years on and for the first time ever, you can hire exclusive replicas of the original movie Stormtrooper suits.

Startroopers, now exclusively offers enthusiasts a rare opportunity to hire some of the most iconic designs of modern cinema as:

  • DJ’s
  • Greeting Hosts
  • Kids Entertainers
  • PR & Marketing Support
  • Personal Guards
  • Etc

The new armor is an accurate replica of the armor that was produced in 1976, only using today’s more advanced production techniques and thermo-plastics. Made of acrylic capped ABS this rugged armor has been made not only to look great but also strong enough to withstand the rigors of costuming. Please note that the black undersuit as well as the white boots, blaster and voice box are provided.

We are proud to be a part of the network of entertainment acts, from music bands to unique performers. We provide wedding bands Ireland, party performers and wedding ceremony acts that will blow your guests’ minds!