Robot Greeting Hosts for Hire at Weddings & Corporate Events




Having served in the army of the Galactic Empire as front-line soldiers, putting down revolts and establishing Imperial authority, we have recently become unemployed due to the timely demise of our dear Lord Vader.

Since the collapse of the empire times have been tough for us Imperial Stormtroopers, seeing unemployment rates at an all time high as well as depression due to lack of leadership, claim more lives than the cursed Jedi.

In an attempt to prove useful in modern society, we are now desperately looking for employment. Whether it be a corporate or private event, wedding or themed night we are available as:

– Greeting Hosts
– DJ’s
– Performers
– Comedians
– Personal Guards
– Etc

We come fully equipped with standard issue Phase II Clone Trooper armor as well as our own BlasTech E-11 blaster rifles so don’t worry about having to go through the whole rigamerole of renting weapons or armor which can be awkward and tiresome.

Please contact us in the office at +353 1 201 3660 or on our portable communication devices at +353 86 250 4795.

We are desperate for work!

Thank you and may the Empire rise again.